Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Naruto 506: Gai vs. Kisame

As Kisame exited the waterfall of truth, Gai realizes that it is not his real inner self. Gai finally recognize the face, and also Bee recognize that he is one of the Akatsuki. 

Semehada suddenly breaks with Kisame and goes to Bee with thinking that Semehada is choosing him over Kisame until he finally realize it that it is after its chakra. Gai faced Kisame and opened his sixth gate of his eight celestial gates to be able to pursue and fight Kisame. Kisame rushes to get out of the island to relay the info regarding the training and whereabouts of the two remaining Jinchukiri.

Since Kisame is a water type he was able to use his attacks and jutsu. Gai finally cornered Kisame. Kisame uses his greatest jutsu to kill Gai in one blow...on the other hand Gai opened his seventh gate and he is betting his life again to beat Kisame.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Naruto 505: The Nine-tails Chakra unleashed!


As Naruto's mother disappears, Naruto one by one realizes that he has already achieved what his parents wanted for him. And he has finally took control of the Kyubi's chakra. 

He was able to wake up from his inner world where Bee-san and Yamato are waiting. They were amaze and Bee-san and Naruto started their silly talks that Yamato can't understand. Naruto showed how he can use the Kyubi's chakra and he suddenly sensed evil chakra in the room. Semehada emerge from his hiding and was amaze of how Naruto has capabilities to sense him that even sensor type shinobi's cant do. 

Suddenly Naruto use his newly acquired powers using his father's , The Fourth Hokage, technique. Semehada was surprise and he knew he has no chance against two Jinchuriki and a Wood element shinobi so he ran out. While in the outside in the falls. Guy sensei was about to see his true self in the waterfalls of truth when Semahada came out. He was shocked that a monster was in him so he give his usual youthful power and by giving Semehada his Leaf Boulder buster.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Naruto 504: Thank you

Minato sealed half of the Kyubi's  chakra to himself.  

As Minato was about to seal the Kyubi to Naruto, the Kyubi suddenly forces itself to attack the baby Naruto. Minato and Kushina shielded their son. Minato asked Kushina to say her final words for Naruto. With a heart breaking scene of  parents leaving their child, Kushina tells Naruto to eat well, sleep on time, never barrow, and a sort of things. Has only few words to spare since Kushina said it all, that is to look for true friends.

Minato seals the Kyubi to Naruto and both of them banished. 

Kushina was about to disappear thus she said her final thank to Naruto. For being tough inspite of not having his parents around to help him face the harsh world. Kushina is now fading and tears of joy for both of them rushes. Naruto thanks both his parents who were only with him for just a moment.

Naruto 503: Minatgo's Dead Demon Seal


Minato's Rasengan wounded Madara. Madara finally realizes that he is not match to the Fourth Hokage who is able to wound him and take control of the  Kyubi.

The third and the villagers were able to drive out the Kyubi outside the village. Minato rushes back to Konoha to deal with the Kyubi. A plan came to his mind, a plan to seal the Kyubi. He came just in time and he teleported himself and the Kyubi away from the village. Out of nowhere Kushina appeared with Naruto. Kushina planned not to waste her life. She planned to drag the Kyubi with her death. 

Minato told Kushina of his plan and ask her to save some of her chakra so that when the right time comes they can both see Naruto in her teen years for the first and the last time. Minato remembered Jiraiya sensei's dream of finding the chosen boy who will save the shinobi world. And he is placing his faith in his son. In order to do that he will ahve to seal half of the Kyubi's chakra whith him and the half to Naruto.  

The Kyubi realize's Minato's plan and started to struggle against Kushina's barrier.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Naruto 502: The Fourth Hokage goes to War

After saving both Kushina and Naruto, Minato left to defend his village from the Kyubi and the masked enemy.

The village felt the strange thing and they knew that a bad thing was about to happen. From nowhere the Kyubi suddenly came out and started wrecking havoc to the village. Minato was able to teleport one of the Kyubi's big chakra attacks. Then the masked enemy tried to trap Minato in illusion but was able to teleport. He was able to lure the masked enemy, believed to be Madara himself, after figuring that the Kyubi follows the order of Madara. 

In order to save the village Minato has to defeat Madara. Using his super speed techniques he charges to attack Madara hand on hand after trying jutsu's which has no effect to Madara. By using his Haraishin at level 2, Minato was able to surprise Madara with a behind attack.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Naruto 501: The Nine-tails strikes

As Kushina was about to give birth to Naruto, Madara showed up in the secret place. Naruto was born and was taken by Madara making Minato in trouble. He has to chose either to save Naruto or to help Kushina in preventing the Kyubi from escaping from its vessel.

Minato saves Naruto and realize that Madara's plan was actually to get Kushina to get the Kyubi. Madara was able to get the biju and heads to Konoha. Minato transported Naruto to a safe place and went back to save Kushina. After getting Kushina, Minato prepares to stop Madara and the Kyubi.